Published by on January 13, 2018

How to Buy EDU Tokens

Register for the LiveEdu ICO

  1. Click on the contribute button to register for the ICO

  2. You will be taken to the sign up page.

  3. Enter your email address and password and click sign up.

  4. If you’ve already signed up, then click on ‘Already registered?’ and enter your login details.

  5. After signing up you will see a confirmation email notice.

  6. Go to the email you used to sign up and follow the instructions.

  7. Once you login you will be taken to the ICO Dashboard. Here you can enter your contribution details, view your EDU token balance, edit your account details and view the status of your referrals.

Buy EDU Tokens

Purchases can be done in ETH, BTC and others using Shapeshift. If you have coins other than the aforementioned coins, on Shapeshift you can exchange them for ETH and then use ETH to contribute in the ICO. Under exceptional circumstances, tokens can also be purchased with fiat. Read each of our guides for more details.

All EDU tokens will be distributed after closing of the public ICO. More information on receiving tokens will be provided later on this site.

For all purchases made in the past and the future the following base rate is to be applied:

USD$1 = 10 EDU

1 EDU = $0.10

One United States Dollar buys you 10 EDU coins. One EDU costs ten cents. The final USD$ price for ETH and BTC will be the average USD rate for the period that the public sale is active. The average will be calculated by taking the sum of the daily average rates for each day of the public sale, divided by the number of days the public sale takes place. The source for this pricing data will be For simplification, we use the conversion rates 1 ETH = $1000 and 1 BTC = $16000.

The total number of EDU tokens you will get is calculated with the formula: = US$amount (10 token (1 + bonus rate %)).

First ICO day: (20% bonus)

Second ICO day: (17% bonus)

Each subsequent two days of the ICO the bonus drops by one percent (1%)

Last remaining bonus will be: 5%

Buy EDU Tokens using ETH

  1. In the ‘How do you want to pay?’ section, select ETH.

  2. In the ‘How many units do you want to invest?’ section, enter how many units of ETH you wish to contribute. Minimum (0.003ETH).

  3. In the "Which ETH address are you sending your contribution from?" section, enter the ETH address you are sending your contribution from. This is also the ERC20 compatible wallet that where we will send your EDU tokens to after the crowdsale. DO NOT SEND FROM EXCHANGE WALLETS!

  4. Copy Smart Contract Address into your wallet.

  5. Enter the following information into your ETH wallet.

    Amount to send (Minimum 0.003 ETH)
    Address 0x2097175d0abb8258f2468E3487F8db776E29D076
    Gas Limit 200,000
    Gas Price 60 Gwei

Buy EDU tokens using BTC

  1. In the ‘How do you want to pay?’ section, select BTC.

  2. In the ‘How many units do you want to invest?’ section, enter how many units of BTC you wish to contribute. Minimum (0.0001875 BTC).

  3. In the ‘Which ETH address you want to receive tokens to?’ section, enter the ERC20 compatible wallet that where we will send your EDU tokens to after the crowdsale.

  4. Open your Bitcoin wallet and copy the Bitcoin address you see on the confirmation page. Each contribution gets its own unique address to send to.

  5. Enter the amount you want to contribute and send it.

Buy EDU Tokens Using Other Cryptocurrencies

If you don’t have ETH or BTC but have other coins then you can convert those coins to ETH or BTC using Shapeshift. Check out this guide on how to use shapeshift.

ERC20 Wallet Guides

If you are experienced and already own one of these other wallets you can use them too, or any ERC20 compatible wallet.

Buy EDU Tokens Using Fiat

If you only have fiat and wish to contribute in the LiveEdu ICO, this can be done under exceptional circumstances (contribution amounts of $5k+ USD). We can arrange to take your fiat and provide you BTC/ETH, or just buy tokens and hold them in escrow in your name for you. This transaction is a manual process, involves much work and fees are charged by the third party company that handles them. For this service, send an email to “”and state the amount you wish to contribute.

How to Buy ETH or BTC

If you have ETH or BTC in your cryptocurrency wallet you are now ready to purchase EDU tokens. If you don't have ETH or BTC , you can buy ETH or BTC on exchanges in the US and Europe: