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  1. How do I join the Whitelist?
    By registering for the ICO on this page

  2. How long does the ICO last?
    Refer to the official LiveEdu ICO website for the ICO dates.

  3. Why Is LiveEdu Running an ICO? Why Does LiveEdu Need to Be on a Blockchain?
    In terms of token mechanics, we are using a similar approach like Steemit. Basically LiveEdu is doing for the online education space what Steemit did for the publishing world. Read more.

  4. Is there a minimum to participate in the ICO?
    $3 USD
    If you send less than the minimum you will lose your money.

  5. I live in XYZ country. Can I participate in the ICO?
    Yes. Check our ‘How To Buy’ guide for instructions on how to participate in the ICO.

  6. Where can I find the terms and conditions for the ICO?
    The terms and conditions for the ICO can be found here.

  7. Do you have a referral program?
    Yes information about referral program can be found here.

  8. How many tokens will I get for my payment?
    Use the calculator on the homepage to see the exact amount of tokens. The logic is: Number tokens = US$amount (10 token (1 + bonus rate %))

  9. How do I see my EDU token purchase is confirmed?
    We will send you a confirmation email to the email address you entered when you made the purchase. This is also the email address we will use for all communication.

  10. Can I invest multiple times?
    Yes, you can invest multiples times, as much as you want.

  11. Why should I invest a big amount in the LiveEdu ICO? What is in it for me?
    There are many benefits for ICO investors to buy EDU tokens besides the expectation of making huge profits from selling EDU tokens at higher price than bought. ICO investors will have voting rights for key decisions in the ecosystem, like which projects to build first and which new topics or product features to add. LiveEdu is the first education technology ICO and seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the masses by educating college students and professionals using real practical cryptocurrency tutorial projects covering cryptocurrency basics, blockchain mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, security and ICOs. With expert content creators educating people about these topics through the use of practical projects, we hope to remove some of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the wider cryptocurrency market.

  12. Why should I invest in the LiveEdu ICO?
    Read the 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy EDU Tokens

  13. How will LiveEdu use blockchain technology in the product?
    Check WP section 3 which focuses on the EDU token utility model and use cases. Also read here.

  14. Can I refer friends in the crowdsale?
    Yes, if you refer friends you get 10% token bonus of what they purchase. Example: You refer friends and they buy tokens for $10,000. LiveEdu will give you 1000 tokens.

  15. Who audited the LiveEdu smart contract?
    Our smart contract is audited by the smart contract guru Bokky Poobah from Australia.

  16. What happens with tokens that are not sold in the first batch?
    They will be moved to the next next batch and will be sold first before the next batch starts

  17. Are pre-sale bonuses based on when I submitted the investment form or when I made the payment?
    Note that pre-sale bonus is calculated based on when the payment was received by LiveEdu and not when you submitted the initial form. If you mad the actual payment late the bonus will not be the same.

  18. Does LiveEDu have a Wechat account? Can I communicate in Chinese with the team?
    Yes. LiveEdu has a Wechat account now. If you are Chinese investor, you can chat with Michael in Mandarin on his Wechat account: (ID: DrMJGLiveEdu)

  19. What value does LiveEdu provide veiwers from watching project live streams and videos?
    Improve your job skills by watching live and on-demand projects on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, game development, data science, cryptocurrencies, programming, design, and augmented and virtual reality.

  20. Are there videos of the LiveEdu team members?
    Yes. The team even has a live ICO AMA channel where you can watch them live and ask questions.
    You can also meet them in person or contact them online.

  21. I submitted a contribution to make an investment but got no email from Liveedu. Why?
    Please check your spam box. If still no email, write us email to ""

  22. Do you have a Chinese investor Telegram group?
    Yes, join us here:

  23. Do you plan to open a physical company office after the ICO?
    Yes, after the ICO we plan to open an office and will be hiring new team members only to work from the office. It will likely be an office in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

  24. I want to write articles for the LiveEdu ICO where can I find images?
    We have a ton of images and GIF in this folder

  25. I am a journalist. Do you have a press or media kit?
    Yes, Download it here

  26. What is the bonus structure for the ICO?
    First ICO day: (20% bonus)
    Second ICO day: (17% bonus)
    Each subsequent two days of the ICO the bonus drops by one percent (1%)
    Last remaining bonus will be: 5%

  27. Is Liveedu running on its own EDU protocol?
    For the first 2-3 years, LiveEdu will run as ERC20 token docked on the ethereum network. We will create our own EDU protocol in 2-3 years.

  28. Would you keep non-premium projects?
    When the new LiveEdu platform is launched in Q2-2018, the non-premium section will disappear.

  29. How is LiveEdu planning on reducing the token supply?
    A percentage of received subscription EDU tokens are burnt annually.

EDU Tokens

  1. What are the details of the EDU token if I want to add it to my wallet?

    Token symbol: EDU or EDU (LiveEdu)
    Token name: Education
    Token address: 0x5b26C5D0772E5bbaC8b3182AE9a13f9BB2D03765
    Decimals: 8

    EDU has already been added to MEW, Imtoken, Parity and Metamask.

  2. I made a mistake and I sent money from exchange. Can this be fixed?
    In general no, but if you have the transaction Id and the exchange can send us a sealed legal document that you are really the owner of that wallet the payment came from then we will issue the corresponding tokens. There is a legal process involved with a lawyer and there is a flat fee of $2500. If your contribution was less than the legal cost it is just not worth it.

    Our guides:
    Guides on How To Buy Edu Tokens English:
    ETH video:
    BTC video:

  3. I have only ETH on my exchange wallet. How can I contribute in the LiveEdu ICO?
    Guides on How To Buy Edu Tokens

    1. Download Imtoken wallet. Go into the ETH wallet section.

    2. Send from your exchange wallet a test ETH of 0.001 to that new wallet. Did it arrive?

    3. If yes, send the amount of ETH you want to contribute in the ICO to the new wallet.

    4. Now from your new wallet, send that ETH you moved to the LiveEdu ETH smart contract address

  4. Can I participate with fiat?
    Yes, if you contributing at least $10,000. There is a 15% handling fee as the whole transaction is managed by a third party and process is manual.

  5. How much gas should I set for ETH payment?
    Check the recommended gas at a given moment on

  6. My payment is confirmed on the blockchain, but I dont see my tokens confirmed on the LiveEdu dashbord?

    Did the ETH transaction fail on Etherscan?
    Did you send from exchange by chance?
    Did you really send the payment from same eth address you submmitted to LiveEdu?

    Normally, EDU tokens are confirmed within 1 hour. If you see after 1 hr no confirmation then it is likely because the mistake is on your side:

    • You set too less gas and the transaction failed. Check the transaction status on the blockchain.
    • The ETH address you entered in the checkout process IS NOT REALLY the address you made the payment from. In case of this mistake the dashboard cannot be manually corrected. The tokens will be sent to the exact same address the money came from.
    • You sent the ETH payment from an exchange. In case of this mistake the dashboard cannot be manually corrected.

    Please read our guides again:
    Guides on How To Buy Edu Tokens English:
    ETH video:
    BTC video:

  7. Is the BTC address to make payment to same for all contributors?
    Upon each transaction a new BTC address is generated even for the same person.

  8. Why does the contribution progress bar sometimes move down?
    It is adjusted to Coinmarketcap prices. If crypto prices dip it goes down.

  9. What is included in the progress bar status?
    Presale raise, public sale ETH, public sale BTC, and public sale fiat.

  10. Should I only use a specific wallet for ETH contributions in the LiveEdu ICO?
    NO, you can use for ETH any ERC20 wallet, but NO exchanges (Coinbase, Bitpanda Kraken, etc.)

  11. What are examples of ERC20 compatible wallets?
    MEW, Imtoken, Parity, Mist, Metamask, Nano Legdger.

  12. What if I have only an exchange ETH wallet?
    Download an ERC20 wallet (MEW, Imtoken, Parity, Mist, Metamask, Nano Legdger). Send your ETH to that wallet. Then send the payment from the new wallet to LiveEdu's smart contract.

  13. What are EDU tokens and what are they used for?
    EDU is an ERC20 cryptocurrency. EDU tokens are going to be fully integrated into all core modules and transactions on LiveEdu; a payment method for all financial transactions, rewarding project tutorial creators, rewarding positive learner behavior, rewarding site moderators, and rewarding API ecosystem developers.

  14. How will I receive my tokens?
    After the crowdsale we will provide updates on and our social media channels with more details about how to receive EDU tokens.

  15. When will tokens be distributed?
    All EDU tokens will be distributed after closing of the public sale to all investors in the pre-sale, public sale, and bounty hunters.

  16. Are EDU tokens securities?
    Based on legal advice and opinions we gathered during the preparation process, EDU tokens would not be deemed as securities by SEC based on the famous Howey test.

  17. What is the token supply breakdown?
    There is a soft cap of $1M and hard cap of $10M for all contribution types. All contribution methods are counted towards the hard cap. The additional money will help the company scale faster by getting more content creators on board to create quality content, expand our streaming cluster infrastructure, marketing efforts, team size and number of countries served. For the token distribution the following fixed percentage split is to be used:

    Allocation Percentage
    Crowdsale to investors 50%
    Subscription pool (user token purchases) 9%
    Content Creators (streamers) 13%
    Team 13%
    ICO Legal and Technical Advisory, Bounty Program, ICO Marketing 8%
    API Ecosystem Developers 4%
    Supporters (Quality Assurance and Site Moderation) 2%
    Learners (viewers) 1%
    Total 100%
  18. Why are so many tokens reserved for content creators (streamers)?
    Since the premium content program is a new product, LiveEdu does not currently have a large premium content library for the eight topics. If the premium projects are educational, structured, and of high quality, viewers will buy them. We want to attract the best content creators, and for them to be able to create valuable content they need to invest time.

  19. How will you ensure these streamers create good content?
    To ensure that content creators provide only high quality content, any project created is only counted as a project towards the total project count of the content creator if it has:

    • A minimum total view time of 20hrs (live stream and videos).
    • Been marked as completed by site quality assurance moderators.
  20. What is the vesting schedule for tokens?

    Content Creators

    • For every 3 premium projects completed, a content creator gets 30% of their tokens released to them. The more projects they complete successfully in the ecosystem, the more tokens will be released to them.
    • They cannot sell more than 50% of their released token stake per quarter.
    • They cannot sell more than 50% of their annual released token stake per year.


    As the team has already been working on the product for some time, the vesting schedule for EDU tokens assigned to team members is as follows:

    • 25% will be allocated immediately.
    • 75% over the next eighteen (18) month period.

    Team members cannot sell more than 20% of their tokens per year in the first three years.

  21. How do I purchase tokens?
    Purchases can be done in ETH, BTC and others using Shapeshift. If you have coins other than the aforementioned coins, you can exchange them on Shapeshift for ETH and then use ETH to invest in the ICO. Please follow our How To Buy guide with further instructions on how to buy EDU tokens.

  22. Can I send ETH or BTC directly from an exchange?
    No. You do not have full control of the wallets on exchanges. You will lose your investment and get no EDU tokens if you send investments from an exchange wallet like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, etc.

  23. What will determine the price of EDU?
    The price of EDU will be determined by the cryptocurrency market and developments within the LiveEdu ecosystem.

  24. Who can accept EDU?
    EDU is an ERC20 token. Anyone with an ERC20 compatible wallet can accept EDU tokens.

  25. When will EDU be listed on exchanges?
    Exact dates will be announced on the official LiveEdu ICO website after the ICO is closed.

  26. I want to invest with coins other than those accepted in the ICO. How can I still invest?
    Use Shapeshift without having to register to instantly convert the coins to BTC or ETH, then make your investment to the ICO.

  27. Can I buy more tokens even if I already bought them?

  28. Is it possible to buy a huge amount of EDU tokens in the crowdsale?
    Yes. There is no limit per purchase in the crowdsale. Contact us ( and we will share the wallet to send your investment amount to. If you plan on buying a huge amount of tokens we will have a special discount for you.

  29. Do you have a Bounty program?
    Yes, we have a bounty program. We are running our bounty on BitcointalkBounty ANN:
    Join our bounty program on Bitcointalk and let us tokenize online education.

  30. Why are you not selling ca. 70% of EDU tokens to investors?
    We are selling 50% of tokens in the crowdsale. LiveEdu is a classic marketplace and our ICO token model is similar to that of Civic and Musiconomi. The content creators (streamers) and ecosystem participants (API app developers) need to be allocated EDU tokens for LiveEdu to be successful longterm. Without them creating high quality content and third-party apps, EDU tokens will gain no appreciation.

  31. Are EDU tokens ERC20 tokens?

  32. Will you do Reddit and Youtube AMA?
    Yes, is in our plans.

  33. Is it possible to talk on Skype/phone with the LiveEdu team?
    Yes, if the amount you planning to invest is at least $5k. Write us an email to to organize the call or join us on Telegram group chat.

  34. Will LiveEdu expand in future to cover more than the 8 topics it is focused on now?
    Yes. We are starting with 8 topics, but in future we will open up to more topics.

  35. What makes LiveEdu unique compared to already existing online education sites?
    LiveEdu is focused on intermediate to expert educational level, while all existing online sites are focused mostly on beginners. We are focused on the main reason people start learning new skills, namely building a product. We don’t see Coursera/Udemy/Udacity as competitors, but as partners/customers to work with. We plan to syndicate our content to them via our API. They are great for beginners to learn theory and introductory topics. LiveEdu does not provide this, but is focused on teaching people who are above the level of these sites how to build a complete product, e.g a VR Game, an AI Bot, a Bitcoin autotrader. You can describe them as kindergarten and LiveEdu as high school

  36. Is it possible to meet LiveEdu team members in person?
    Our team is spread across the US and Europe. Yes, our team will be going to events in next weeks to meet people and present our product vision. We will announce the events on our site. If you are contributing $500k + we will make special arrangement and meet with you.

  37. How many EDU token will I get additional if I refer people to buy EDU tokens through my referrral link?

  38. How can I see my historical transaction for EDU token purchases?
    Log into your dashboard on ICO website. There you can see a list of purchases and number EDU tokens.

  39. How are my investments confirmed for me to be sure everything worked.
    We are working on the automation of this on the dashboard. For now we fire every 24hrs manually email confirmations out to inform you that we received it.

  40. How can I see my historical transaction for EDU token purchases?
    Log into your dashboard on ICO website. There you can see a list of purchases and number EDU tokens.

  41. Does LiveEdu creates content itself?
    No, 99.9999% of content is created by streamers. Imagine LiveEdu as Twitch/Youtube for project learning.

  42. Can I use my EDU tokens to buy subscriptions?
    Yes. You can use your tokens for subscription purchases on site.

  43. Will I get more EDU tokens if I wait and pay for my contribution later when ETH or BTC is at a higher price?
    No, base rate is fixed to USD$1 = 10 EDU. The final USD$ price for ETH and BTC will be the average USD rate for the period that the public sale is active. The average will be calculated by taking the sum of the daily average rates for each day of the public sale, divided by the number of days the public sale takes place. The source for this pricing data will be For simplification, we use the conversion rates 1 ETH = $1000 and 1 BTC = $16000.

  44. Will LiveEdu issue more tokens to contributors if ETH or BTC price goes up?
    No. Issuing more tokens due to price volatility goes against the basic logic of token value appreciation for contributors. Since the same base conversion rates are applied for all contributions, issuing 2x more tokens does not change the token ratios between contributors. It will only increase total market token supply, meaning the price of each token will likely drop and each contributor will lose money. IT WILL BE A CARDINAL TOKEN MECHANICS MISTAKE TO ISSUE MORE TOKENS BECAUSE OF ETH/BTC PRICE VOLATITILITY.

  45. How can I buy ETH or BTC fast?
    If you want to buy cryptos with no hassle, you can buy ETH or BTC with your credit card instantly on

  46. How can I get a LiveEdu T-Shirt and cap for free?
    If you contribute at least $1000, you will get a LiveEdu T-shirt and cap for free. LiveEdu Tshirts

  47. Can I write my own funny text on the T-shirt?

  48. Which sizes are available for the T-shirt and cap?
    S, M, L, XL, XXL

  49. How do I send my address details for the T-shirt and cap?
    After you have paid and send us the confirmation email, we will email you a Google form.

  50. Do you ship it worldwide? How much is the shipping cost?
    Yes, we ship it in general for free for up to $15. Anything above that you have to pay. North America and most places in Europe will surely get free shipping. If you contribute more than $5k you will get free shipping worldwide

  51. Do you have a Russian White Paper?
    Yes. It will be integrated soon into this site with the Russian website translation. In meantime you can read the Russian White Paper.

  52. Do you have a Korean Executuve Summary?
    Yes. It will integrated soon into this site with the Korean website translation. In meantime you can read it here.

  53. Do you have a Japanese Executuve Summary?
    Yes. It will integrated soon into this site with the Japanese website translation. In meantime you can read it here.

  54. What will be the price rate for EDU coin purchases on LiveEdu?
    The EDU coin pricing for subscription purchases on our site will be pegged exactly to the pricing on exchanges real-time.

  55. When the new LiveEdu platform release is done, can investors buy a large number of EDU coins on the platform itself?
    NO! The purchases on LiveEdu will be for small amounts used for subscription payments. The coins come from the ICO subscription pool and they are reserved solely for subscription purchases. Investors need to go to exchanges to buy big amounts of EDU coins.

  56. Can EDU tokens be traded right after they are issued?
    Yes. All Education tokens/coins will be issued in same week after close of the public sale.

  57. Does LiveEdu have a prototype? Does LiveEdu have a beta?
    Yes, we already have a beta version of our product under:
    Here are some projects:

    1. How to Create a Dating Web App in Node.js

    2. How to create a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot in Node.js

    3. How to integrate Facial Recognition into any DotNet App

  58. Where can I find the stickers designed for the LiveEdu ICO?